Sophie & Corey's Treat filled Wedding

Date: 21st January 2017

Sophie & Corey Collage.jpg

Over a year has passed since Sophie & Corey were married at Fernbank Farm and sometimes photos slip through the cracks only to appear in your inbox to the most amazing reception.

I spent most of this morning perusing through some of the most stunning photos of Sophie & Corey with almost a little tear of joy in the eye and just had to share!

This event had so many moving parts and wonderful elements firstly with the bride was picked up by our beautiful Landau carriage with her father in traditional kilt and escorted to The Fig Tree.


Elegant flowers hung from the branches by The Botanical Workshop and Bagpipes Matthew from All Seasons Bag Pipes welcomed the Bridal Party to the ceremony.


Sophie & Corey then broke from tradition to cut their cake prior to the reception serving a quaint high tea during the break between ceremony and reception which wasn’t the only treat for guests.


Six piece band Vibe Wedding Band filled the venue with classic songs which was only interrupted by speeches and the fun jingle of the ice cream van arriving to serve guests a cheeky ice cream for a second dessert.


You will agree that the photos are another visual treat by the very talented and sought after Lauren Campbell which are featured through this little blog.

Photography: Lauren Campbell | Ceremony: The Fig Tree | Reception: Sit down Dinner in Majestic Marquee | Location & Styling: Fernbank Farm | Horse & Carriage: Central Coast Carriages Florist: Botanical Workshop | Music: Vibe Wedding band | Celebrant: Peter Hurley| Bag Pipes: Matthew from All Seasons Bag Pipes | Toilet Hire: Lavish Loo’s


Gemma & Marks "Tropical Paradise"

Date: 2nd December 2017

Gemma & Mark Blog Collage.jpg

I want to talk about a "Wise Bride" - what I mean by this is a woman who understands there are just certain elements out of ones control and there is no point worrying about those elements. Gemma was exactly that, "wise", on what was one of our wettest weddings for 2017. 

With the forecast looming gloom and doom right before the ceremony we pushed through and crossed fingers, toes and anything that goes, in the hopes that the rain would hold off long enough for Gemma & Mark to have their ceremony in our Arbour. 

Guests arrived and grabbed a brolly, quickly took their seats to save their butts from getting sloshy (if it rained) and Mark and his groomsman awaited with sprinkles coming and going teasing us into a state of "should we stay or should we go"... "i dunno!"

The decision came down to the bride, as she glanced at the sky casually saying "yes, lets move everyone" and pops back inside with the girls to grab a glass of bubbles to calm the nerves and save the hair whilst we moved all the guests to a safe, dry ceremony space. 

Low and behold the music starts, the bridesmaids' travel down the stairs handing over their brollys at the start of the isle and the beautiful Bride enters The Pavillion just in time. THE HEAVENS OPEN and the rain commenced in a what could be described as a musical shower to open the first lines of the ceremony "WELCOME EVERYONE, to Gemma & Marks Wedding" ...pssshhh...sssss...splish...splash...THAT WAS LUCKY!

Fitting for a tropical wedding where the day is hot and the afternoon is wet and steamy the wedding was drenched in an array of beautiful tropical inspired flowers by Justine Rose. Orchids, Lily Leaves, Palms and a mix of white florals and greenery draped through the Marquee in the most divine fashion.


Tim took the bridal party into our shed for what could be described as a new age "Old Sydney Town" style shoot and wow what photos...too many great ones to share (but heres one below)...the champagne was poured under the pouring rain, lots of laughs and muddy shoes (and paws from the puppies) guests stomped their way through to canapé's in the dance marquee, the rain cleared and there we have it a stunning, rain glistening day and a happy couple celebrating their love :)


Congratulations Mark & Gemma, it was a pleasure to share in your tropical day and we wish you all the best with your marriage ;) 

Ceremony: The PavillionReception: Sit down Dinner in Majestic Marquee | Location & Styling: Fernbank FarmPhotography: Tim WilliamsCatering: CateraidFlowers: Justine RoseMusic: DJ MagoosCelebrant: Jacquelyn HatchHair & Makeup: Eternal Elegance | Cake: DIY by Bride's Sister

Kaysha & James - "A pop of colour"

Date: 18th November 2017

Kasha & James Blog Collage.jpg

As a wedding stylist, brides come to me with so many ideas or sometimes none at all. It can be perplexing, daunting finding your wedding style and one can get lost in the "pinterest sea" for days without food or sleep only to be left feeling confused and a little off course...

That is where I (your personal stylist) come in...I can't help you with the "pinterest dilema" (its sometimes super fun to waste hours looking at beautiful wedding ideas) but what I can suggest (after years of styling weddings) is the same advice I gave to the lovely Kaysha when she was working out her look for her and James's wedding...

Add a "feature colour" or what I call a "pop". Its massively on trend to do all whites, neutrals and greenery but everything is already wonderful and green at Fernbank. Whilst our gardens feature certain flowers like Jacaranda's, Roses & Lily's they don't bloom throughout the entire year


When I get photos sent to me from weddings the ones that seemingly make the most impact are the ones that have a little accent of colour. It helps draw the eye to focal areas and gives everything a little more contrast, it doesn't have to be a lot of colour, just a subtle glimpse to make things "pop".

I simply loved the highlights of colour in Kaysha's bouquet, on the tables and matching lippy, its pretty, warming and a nice little highlight to a wonderful day.

You can see more of this cute couples day in our Video's Gallery, including a very sweet speech by the groom :)

Ceremony: The ArbourReception: Sit down Dinner in Majestic Marquee Styling: Fernbank FarmPhotography: Lisa LentCatering: Eden Catering Flowers: Flowers by LouiseMusic: DJ GaryHair: The Only Grey HairMake Up: Alysha GillCelebrant: Monica Baygent

Sammy & Chris Marry at Fernbank Farm

Date: 28the October 2017

Sam & Chris Blog Collage.jpg

Sam & Chris can only be described as "the sweetest bottle of bubbles" - their kind, excitable and warm personalities were an absolute pleasure to meet and be a part of such a special memory.

The day starts off with the normal Hair & Make Up for the girls and the boys have been fishing for the last day in our lake catching Bass & Perch galore. Before the ceremony starts Sam is picked up by two gentle giants Leo and Lola in our Landau Carriage and escorted to The Fig Tree where Chris nervously (but excitedly) awaits. A little hicupp with a rude driver beeping his horn and speeding past the horses doesn't stop the special moment with Tina our driver shaking her head ( or possibly giving the bird)  and calmly collecting Sam's steads for the journey.

There are tears of joy & many sweet moments enjoyed under the grand canopy of the Morton Bay Fig Tree and hip hip hooray Sam & Chris are now man and wife.

The rest of the well weathered day was spent playing games by the lake and eating scrumptious food supplied by Eden Catering in the Majestic Marquee. The dance floor was awoken at around 8pm with a gorgeous couples dance choreographed by My First Dance Co and the night concluded under the twinkles of sparklers.

What a wonderful day and what a beautiful couple inside and out! Thank you to all the vendors and efforts of staff for making the event so enjoyable :)

Ceremony: The Fig TreeReception: Sit down Dinner in Majestic MarqueeStyling: Fernbank FarmPhotography: Tracy BeveridgeCatering: Eden CateringFlowers: Curtsy FlowersMusic: DJ MagoosHair & Make Up: Jenna McClain

Check out our video gallery to see some beautiful footage of Sam & Chris's day